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The E-Net
NW Hope-Net operates as a clearinghouse, connecting people who have needs with others to help meet those needs. We offer caring, compassionate, faith-based referrals to everyone who calls, regardless of their circumstances. We often find solutions by working within the E-Net, and we frequently facilitate multi-agency collaborations for some of our more complicated case management scenarios. NW Hope-Net does not promote church welfare, but rather, we look for solutions that help people regain their hope, their dignity, and their own self-reliance.  
The E-Net is a network of community churches and service providers, who have come together to communi-cate more effectively with one another in order to best serve those who come to them for benevolence assist-ance. NW Hope-Net administrates this network, facilitating communication between all parties. By working together, we are able to advocate on behalf of clients, identify abusive, fraudulent, or illegitimate requests, reduce duplication, share information, & collaborate on special needs cases.
Case Management Services
Seminar: Helping the Poor @ Your Door
Fielding benevolence requests can be a very time-consuming and emotionally draining process. NW Hope-Net offers case management services which include screening benevolence applicants, verifying the details and legitimacy of their request, collaborating with other service providers in order to advocate on a client's behalf, and reporting back to your staff with our findings & recommendations. We have the community contacts necessary to open doors and secure inter-agency collaboration and co-operation when needed.
The couple with the new baby, needing rent money … The single mom, asking for gas money … The young man who wants a motel voucher … The call for grocery money …

WHOM do you help?
            WHOM do you turn away?
                         HOW do you decide?

This 2-hour Workshop is designed for pastors, church secretaries and other staff members, who are approached by non-attenders who drop by the church, requesting financial assistance – often at very busy times. The Workshop materials address the challenges that these requests present to all who desire to show Christ’s love, yet who also desire to be good stewards of His resources. We will come to your office during the lunch hour, and while your staff are eating their lunch we will present this powerful workshop.

Call today to schedule this seminar at your church!

NEW! For Our Partner Churches!

Become a Partnering Church

NW Hope-Net helps churches meet people's needs. Maturing in our ability to meet needs starts with continually moving ever deeper in our Christian walk, so God's heart for the poor becomes our heart for the poor. We recognize that no one church can be all things to all people; but together, the Body of Christ in east King county can make a difference in the lives of people who are desperately seeking hope, love, and help. We join this endeavor by partnering with area churches to facilitate ministry.

Partnering with NW Hope-net is simple. We are local and ready to help you touch your community for Christ.  NW Hope-Net serves as a clearinghouse in the community, helping churches help the people around them. 

Becoming a Partner Church gives you access to our staff and resources, so that your staff and resources are freed up for ministry; rather than bogged down with administrative duties. We would love the opportunity to connect with you and show you how we can help. As a partner church, you have access to the following services:

  • The E-Net – a way for you to connect with dozens of other eastside pastors to see if they have already assisted the up-to-now unknown person who has just come to your church for benevolence assistance.
  • Helping The Poor At Your Door – a workshop designed to train your staff on how to set and implement effective policies for responding to the poor seeking assistance from the church. (Seminar fee applies.)
  • Screening/Case Management Services – The staff at NW Hope-Net has been handling client benevolence requests for 16 years; we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help screen benevolence clients and offer them case management and advocacy services. Give your staff and volunteers a break and let us do some of the heavy lifting for you!
  • And so much more!
As a Partner Church, you agree to support NWHN on a monthly or quarterly basis. The amount of support is determined when we speak with you and can evaluate the approximate number of referrals you estimate that you will make on a monthly basis, as well as the depth of services that you would like to receive from us.

​Please call our Director, Chris Baker, for more details and information. 425.996.8437.

Order Your Referral Cards Today

When you refer someone to NW Hope-Net, it is helpful if they know which church sent them our way.  Often times, people are in crisis when they drop by a church seeking help.  Being able to hand that person a card with our number on it ensures that they know who sent them ... AND ... it helps us connect back to that church when it is appropriate and when we are advocating on their behalf.

NW Hope-Net has designed these cards to aid you in referring people to us, and also to help ensure that we are able to refer them back to you, for ministry and spiritual help. The cost is $17/box of 250, and you can order them using the paypal button below.  
Going Deeper
Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Ministry
Beneath every client request for financial assistance, there are deeper issues at work which contributed to the financial need which drove that person to apply for help at an area church. This is where the true ministry opportunity resides.
The NW Hope-Net E-Net allows churches and community services organizations to communicate and collaborate together to more effectively address some of the deeper issues that are typically fueling the crisis request for money.
When churches do not communicate with one another, they are unfortunately left open to becoming easy prey to scammers, system abusers, and those who choose chronically dependent lifestyles, as opposed to Biblical self-sufficiency. The E-net is a powerful tool churches can use to partner together to form a "safety net" for the overall community. The simple act of cooperative partnership results in the majority of available resources within the community going to those who have the most legitimate need for those resources. This helps everyone.​​​