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NW Hope-Net

To apply for assistance, click the image above to download our application form, Save As to your computer desktop, and then fill out the form. (If you fill out the form before you save to your desktop, you will lose everything and have to start over. Once complete, save again, and then e-mail as an attachment using this link .    No computer access? Please call us at the number listed above

Do you ever feel like you are just about to go over the edge?

Life Can Be A Little Overwhemling At Times...

Do you need help? Prayer? Assistance with your rent, utilities, or basic needs like food and clothing? You have come to a good place! NW Hope-Net represents a collaborative network of churches throughout the Pacific NW region. Each of these churches seek to be places of refuge, hope, and light in an often dark and pain-filled world. Many times - though not always - churches can lend a helping hand with physical and materials needs. This is not the Church's primary call, but it is a part of what Christian compassion looks like.  

We Might Be Able to Help.

The mission of NW Hope-Net is to help churches help their communities by assisting in the screening and referral process. Our job is to help connect people to the most effective resources available to them in their local community, while also helping churches to identify how best to connect with those in need in their own neighborhoods. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the staff at NW Hope-Net is committed to assisting you in finding the best referrals for your needs, and to do so with respect, compassion, and understanding. We look forward to serving you!

What Area Churches Want You to Know:

"We are not a government agency - you matter to us."

"We offer so much more
than just money."

When we say T.O.U.C.H.,
we mean:

Thank you for coming to us in your hour of need. We value this opportunity to partner with you in helping to stabilize your situation. Because we are a church, and neither a private- nor government-funded social service organization, we would like for you to be aware that we do have service parameters in place that we use in determining whether or not we can assist you. 
Our church - its staff and its congregation – have been touched by Jesus to touch others’ lives. Our primary purpose is not to meet physical needs. Rather, we are here to help you to experience God’s touch. 
  • T—Together with Family and Friends
  • O—Overcoming Your Past
  • U—Understanding God’s Word by                  His Spirit
  • C—Celebrating God’s Love and
  • H—Helping Other’s Through Hope

"We do our best to be good stewards of our funds."

"NWHN helps us maximize our staff resources."

"We make no guarantee."

Please understand, filling out an application with us is not a contract for services, and no guarantee of assistance is implied. We will prayerfully consider your request, take heed of NWHN's recommendations, and then make a decision based on all belevolence requests that we have received for the week and their relative priority and alignment with the mission and vision of our church.
In the interest of “Helping Others Through Hope,” we do have a small “benevolence” fund. People who attend our congregation - people with lives, and jobs, and families just like yours - have lovingly donated their own money to this fund and we view it as God’s money; not ours. Therefore we are pretty serious about not giving that money away unwisely, but with benevolent discernment. 
In many cases, your application will be screened by a NW Hope-Net (NWHN) staff member rather than one of ours. You can expect to receive a call from them within approximately 12-24 hours after your initial inquiry. After their screening process, and per their recommendation, our church will make a determination as to how and if we may help you.

Area Churches: "We may help you, and this is how we'll do it:"

  • We will encourage your walk with God. That’s the main reason we exist. We would love to help you come to know Jesus as your Savior and come to walk in God’s ways.
  • We will treat you with dignity and respect; and we expect the same from you. Therefore, drunkenness, obvious drug use, abusive or aggressive language/actions will not be tolerated.
  • We never give cash.
  • We do not say “yes” without prayerful evaluation that includes asking you to fill out a request form and giving us permission to verify the information you have provided. This process takes at least 48 hours.
  • Because of limited funds and the great needs represented in all of our neighborhoods, we will usually not help a family more than once or twice a year.
  • God has placed our church in THIS community. There are churches in other communities who minister to those in their area. Therefore, we can only help people living in our immediate vicinity. Photo ID will most often be required to process your request.
  • We will check with other area churches and organizations that may also have helped you. If we choose to help you, we will notify other churches of the help given.