Frequently asked questions

Got Questions? We have answers! Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers that we hope you will find useful. Our attentive staff is available Monday through Friday to answer your questions and ensure you are fully satisfied. The NW Hope-Net client lines are open until 1:00 pm each day, and our office is open until 4:00 pm each day, so that we have an opportunity to return calls. If you prefer, feel free to send us an e-mail using the form below. We will make every effort to respond to you within 24-48 hours, if not sooner.  
  1. What is the Mission of NW Hope-Net?
    The mission of NW Hope-Net is to mobilize the tremendous potential of the Body of Christ to respond to the needs of people in our society; and to offer a Gospel presentation which is profound in its impact because it is displayed in the acts of love carried out by Christian Believers who are willing to press hands and feet into service for the glory of God.
  2. Why support NW Hope-Net vs. an already-established social service organization?
    Christian caring can go far beyond the help that secular agencies can usually provide, by penetrating to the roots of people’s needs for self-respect, confidence, living skills, friendship and hope. NW Hope-Net is unique in that it partners specifically with area churches, assisting in engaging caring that walks alongside people as Scripture tell us to do.
  3. Why does NWHN work primarily with churches?
    God has poured His love into our hearts by His Holy Spirit. He is consumed with reaching the lost. Should we not also be? He is consumed with compassion for the needy. Ought we not also be similarly consumed? Is helping the poor any less central to the mission of the Church than preaching the Gospel? Don’t the two go hand in hand? We think so!
  4. How does NW Hope-Net Help Those In Need?
    NW Hope-Net maintains an active database of resources in the community, as well as relationships with area churches which may be able to help. Once we have verified the legitimacy of an applicant's request, we work with them to identify all relevant, available resources and attempt to help restore self-sufficiency to the client.
  5. How does NW Hope-Net Help Churches?
    Churches that partner with NW Hope-Net will receive powerful tools designed to reduce redundancies and consumption of admin. staff time spent verifying the legitimacy of benevolence applications; thereby freeing up Church staff and its members to respond to the whole needs of person(s) approaching their church for help.
  6. What is the E-net?
    The E-net is an ever-growing network of churches linked together via e-mail, sharing information with one another, working together to effectively steward their respective resources.
  7. My church has a benevolence staff, why partner with NW Hope-Net?
    The NW Hope-Net clearinghouse would be a vital aid in helping to assure churches that the person approaching them for help had an authentic, specific, manageable need to which that church could respond. Our client database goes back 26 years, providing us with invaluable information and history related to serving people in need in east King County.
  8. Did we forget something?
    Please use the contact box below to ask specific questions or request information. We would love to hear from you!
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