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Our 2019 Report Card
  • Working in collaboration with NW Hope-Net, partnering churches in our region were able to assist 1,305 east King County families a total of 1,572 times.
  • That was a total of $332,518 of goods and services that were provided to the East King County community through the loving benevolence of its area churches, working together with NW Hope-Net. 
NW Hope-Net is a faith-based non-profit, supported solely by the favor of God and the charitable donations given by our supporters.

For area churches, NW Hope-Net provides invaluable clearinghouse/case management services which free up your staff to  minister more effectively to the poor at your door. We help churches screen benevolence applicants, streamline the application process, and weed out people who are abusing the system, or who are attempting to defraud area churches with illegitimate or redundant assistance applications. 

For individuals and families in need, NW Hope-Net provides targeted, compassionate, effective resource referrals and case management services designed to advocate on that person's behalf, reduce stress, and connect them to the services and providers most able to assist with their present circumstances.
Little children, let us stop just saying we
 love people; let us really love them and
show it by our actions.
~ 1 John 3:18 (TLB)

Give a one-time or annual donation. If you are a church, we will add you to the e-net, and provide a limited amount of consultant services on a case-by-case basis.

Become a Partner Church with NW Hope-Net, by pledging a monthly donation. In so doing, you will have access to the e-net and all of our ongoing services.

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Your donations and support partnerships enable us to continue to serve individuals and families in need, and to provide support services to area churches. Please, sow a donation today and join us in sharing Christ's love to those who need it most in east King County. Thank you!

  • Our 2018 operational funding goal is to raise our monthly support another $2,000 per month. This will enable us to expand our staff and phone lines to be able to keep up with the volume of requests we process each week.
  • In 2018, NWHN would also like to increase our technological capacities by adding another computer to our office, and bring on a part-time intern to assist with marketing and fundraising.
  • More and more, we connect with people who are struggling to get to appintments and job interviews because of transportation issues. NWHN is collecting donations for an "Instant Uber" account where we can provide essential rides quickly and easily.

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Technology is ever-evolving, and we struggle to keep up with the tools. Donations for software upgrades, accounting mgmt. software, computers and periferals are always a tremendous blessing. Contact us for more details.

Already a Partner Church?  Please DO recommend us to other churches and ministers you know. Let them know how we help, and suggest they partner with us as well. The recommendation of a friend goes a very long way!

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We always have gifts-in-kind needs, such as gas cards, grocery cards, office supplies, school supplies, holiday giving needs, or homeless outreach needs. Contact us today for more information on how you can help.

Once a year, please consider taking a special offering on our behalf to help the needy in your community. These kind of special gifts truly make or break our annual budget. Thank you!

I came to Washington with nothing but the bare necessities because I could not afford a U-haul to carry our furniture.  I was afraid that we would be on the floor for quite some time, and while I wasn’t so worried about myself, I did worry about my five kids because they had already been through so much in their short lives. One day I came home from work to find a card in my mailbox from NW Hope-Net and was astonished to read that God had not forgotten us after all, but had been working behind the scenes the whole time!  Within two weeks of calling NW Hope-Net, they had found a church which donated not only beds for all of us to sleep on, but a whole house FULL of furniture – couch, dining set, dishes, TV, VCR…and anything else we could use!

Linda M.

Bellevue, WA

A lady was standing at her kitchen sink – singing praises to God – after a volunteer laid down some donated carpet, over her concrete floor.  She had severe arthritis and had contracted pneumonia 3 times; the carpet greatly decreased the chill in her home.

Phyllis T.

Redmond, WA

  An elderly woman was referred to NW Hope-Net from an area hospital.  She called in a panic because she was out of food and her son (who normally took care of her) was in the hospital and unable to help.  The woman had special dietary needs and was afraid that she herself would end up in the hospital unless she was able to obtain the right kinds of foods within just a few hours. NW Hope-Net called one of our network churches located near the woman, and they took her shopping list, purchased groceries for her, and delivered them within a couple of hours.  Praise the Lord someone was available in the middle of the week day to run this errand of love.

Patricia L.

Kirkland, WA

A healthcare caseworker requested a volunteer to clean and wax a slate floor for a couple in their 80's.  We weren't too sure about this one, but, we called one of our churches anyway.  One of their volunteers owned a flooring business and knew exactly how to care for slate flooring!  But, because God's love is so abundant - when the volunteer got to the home, it turned out that he had worked with this gentleman many years earlier!  So, he stayed and visited with the man and his wife for a long while, meeting their greater need of fellowship.

Donald W.

Bothell, WA

My name is Nellie, I am disabled, and you helped me move last month. I don’t have a way to adequately express my thanks to all the people who helped me, who worked so hard … even the kind phone calls encouraging me to keep packing, because help to going to arrive.  That was a lot of hope for me.  When help arrived, the people were so nice.  Without knowing me they helped me to move from Bellevue to Redmond to the nicest place, a more decent, more respectable place.  God bless you all.  Thank you very much!

Nellie T.

Redmond, WA