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NW Hope-Net functions as a clearinghouse, connecting those in need with those who can help meet those needs. Our staff members are intimately acquainted with the challenges facing low income families struggling to cope in today's economy. Conversely, we are also well acquainted with the unique challenges facing Churches as they seek to respond to the needs of their local communities. The staff at NW Hope-Net is experienced, professional, courteous and efficient at every level of compassionate outreach.  
       2019 Year-End Report

 Every year at this time, we look back and remember the many families with whom we have worked over the past 12 months. As you prayerfully consider your church budgets for the coming year, please consider the tremendous impact for good that our continuing partnership has had for families in need in East King County.

In 2019, working in collaboration with NW Hope-Net, partnering churches in our region were able to assist 1,305 east King County families a total of 1,572 times. Of those:
  • 537 families received over $243,846 worth of church &/or agency-funded rent support;
  • 243 families received $31,104 worth of church &/or agency-funded utilities assistance;
  • 376 families received church &/or agency-provisioned food and gas vouchers or food bank services (conservatively estimated at over $27,448);
  • 43 families received help with automobile repair totaling in excess of $15,695.
  • 69 families received food baskets and gift cards for their Thanksgiving meal, 37 families will receive gifts (and in some cases, more food) for their Christmas celebrations, totaling more than $14,425 worth of food and gifts.

That is a total of $332,518 of goods and services that have been added to the East King County community through the loving benevolence of its area churches, working together with NW Hope-Net.

WOW ...THANK YOU for partnering with us!
Meet Our Executive Director
As Executive Director of NW Hope-Net, Christine Baker has 17 years of experience in the social services non-profit sector; having served as an Executive Director for both NW Hope-Net and Eastside Love INC. Ms. Baker currently sits on the Board of Directors for Destiny House Restoration Center, a planned transitional housing facility for female victims of sex-trafficking; as well as the Board for Give Back Hope, an international humanitarian aid organization. Teacher, lecturer, blogger, and social justice advocate, Christine is a dynamic and passionate speaker whose stories of survival and renewal inspire young and old alike. 
Ms. Baker frequently consults as an entrepreneur and marketing developer in the professional engineering, social services, and editorial industries. Ms. Baker uses her love of the English language and her top-notch communication skills to their best potential in business development contracting. As a strategic marketing management contractor, Ms. Baker has assisted in company re-brandings, website updates, social media campaign development, and content review of marketing related materials.

What Others Are Saying...

Chris Maddox, Comm. Care Pastor
Lk. Samm Foursquare Church

I am overjoyed and excited about partnering with NW Hope-Net. The organization is a wonderful asset for our community. The cost of supporting NW Hope-Net is minimal when compared to the value they bring to local churches in terms of staff time saved in screening potential benevolence applicants, as well as the direct benevolence dollars saved when they are able to identify potential fraudulent applications. Every church engaged in benevolence ministry would be greatly supported in that ministry by partnering with NW Hope-Net.

Ken Moland, Pastor
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church has partnered with NW Hope-Net for over a decade now. It is my opinion that all churches will benefit by partnering with NW Hope-Net, and I add my endorsement and challenge to the rest of the e-net churches to come alongside NW Hope-Net to help support this valuable service to our communities and our churches. If you haven't already done so, please consider adding your support to this vital ministry.

Marion Heard, Co-Pastor
Witness for Jesus Christian Church

I would like to endorse NW Hope-Net, and the services they offer because our ministry, Witness for Jesus Christian Church, has been a recipient of some of the services provided under the leadership of Chris Baker. I am convinced that NW Hope-net will continue to offer the top-notch Clearinghouse and case management services we have come to expect from Chris and her team. They have been an excellent key resource for individuals in our ministry and I whole-heartedly endorse their services!
Stay informed...join the e-net!

Gary Stabbert, Pastor
Northshore Community Church

As the benevolence pastor at Northshore Community Church in Kirkland, I have come to greatly appreciate the ministry of NW Hope-Net (NWHN) under the directorship of Christine Baker. Especially vital to us are the notifications we get from Chris of the names and schemes of those who are chronic abusers of the benevolence ministries in our region. We at Northshore greatly value this ministry and are pleased to be sponsoring partners.
Partnering Churches
  • Beit Tikvah Congregation, Newcastle
  • Bellevue Christian Reformed Church, Bellevue
  • Bellevue Church of Christ, Bellevue
  • Eastridge Christian Assembly, Issaquah
  • Evergreen Community Church, Bothell
  • Evergreen Covenant Church, Mercer Island
  • First Presbyterian Church, Bellevue
  • Foothills Baptist Church, Issaquah
  • Highland Covenant Church, Bellevue
  • Juanita Community Church, Kirkland
  • Lake Sammamish Foursquare Church, Bellevue
  • Maltby Christian Assembly, Maltby
  • Newport Covenant Church, Newport
  • Northshore Community Church, Bothell
  • One New Man Ministry, Renton
  • Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Kikrland
  • Pine Lake Covenant Church, Issaquah
  • Timberlake Church, Various Locations
  • Westminster Chapel, Bellevue
If you have any questions concerning
the scope of our services, our service boundaries, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us . Our staff will help find the best solutions for your needs.

Our Service Area

NW Hope-Net serves individuals and families located in east King County. We define east King County as Bothell, Woodinville, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish and Mercer Island.

Core Values

  1. We Are Christian
    We are Christian. Everything we think, say, and do is in the name of Christ. We are called to live up to the name of our Savior. It is a tremendous responsibility, and requires the highest standard of integrity, love and compassion.... NW Hope-Net is not just what we do, it is who we are.
  2. Prayer
    Prayer is an integral part of who we are. NW Hope-Net was not only birthed through prayer; it cannot be sustained without prayer.
  3. We Value the Poor
    We follow Christ's example of valuing the poor and needy. God loves the poor and what He loves has infinite value.... When we value the poor, it allows us to see God's heart for us, it honors Him, and we become more like Christ.
  4. We Value the Body of Christ
    We value unity in the Body of Christ. To effectively fulfill the NW Hope-Net mission of transforming lives and communities, the abilities, time, resources, efforts, gifts and talents of members of the Body of Christ must work together.
  5. We Value Transformation
    We value transformation in the lives of people and communities. When Jesus was on earth, He spent His life transforming the lives of others.... We are called to be His hands. We are called to touch lives in need of transformation.
  6. The Great Commission
    We value churches living out the two great commandments to love God and love their neighbors. Love expresses itself in action... A cup of cold water, when given by the Church, reveals the God who loves and Who is love.... When the Church acts in love, it reveals Christ to the world.
  7. We Value Relationships
    We value building Christ-like relationships. Relationships are the foundation of NW Hope-Net.... We constantly strive to develop relationships that are positive, healthy, life-affirming, and reflective of Christ.
  8. We Value Connectedness
    We value the connectedness of the NW Hope-Net e-net. All NW Hope-Net partners are part of the larger Body of Christ. This family prays for one another, serves one another, encourages one another, and shares new ideas for the common good of all.
  9. We Value Excellence
    We model excellence. There is no room for mediocrity when dealing with the critical, complex, often heart-breaking and growing issues facing people in need. We strive to be people who make a difference because we are committed to excellence....